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Thursday, November 15, 2012

weigh in day and first goal!

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 (well it is 279.987) pounds
Today: 120.9 kg or 266.5 pounds
Loss this week: 1.7 kg or 3.7 pounds
Total loss: 6,1 kg or 13,4 pounds

First goal completed!!

I wanted to get to 120 kg and I am soooo counting 120,9 as that hahaha. I was discussing the goals with my boyfriend and am now changing the goals from 10 kg / 22 pounds to 5 kg/11 pounds. So my next goal will be 115 kg or 253,5 pounds

Ooh and I was talking about eating to little yesterday, well that is what it felt like, but MFP says I consumed about 940 kcal and about 52 grams of protein, so it was not really that bad, although I consumed to many carbs I think, 93. But maybe that is ok, MFP says I should consume 165 of carbs so I was above my protein and below my carbs. And I drank about 1,5 Liters wich is about 50 oz. So even though it felt like I ate to little it looks like I ate enough, think it is just little compared to the pre-op eating that confused me.


  1. I'm glad the numbers are working out. MFP seriously overestimates how many carbs you need in a day. I would try to aim way lower than the 165.

  2. I try to keep carbs under 100 and I try to drink 80oz of water. I also try for at least 15g fiber and fat under 40g and calories under 1000 but keep in mind you may start to get your appetite back and feel hungry as you heal you will lose restriction. It will take a few fills to get you back into restriction so don't be alarmed

  3. Thanks ladies, I changed the settings on MFP to protein 63 and carbs under 100. Yes I am waiting for the swelling to go away but I am so hoping it wont make me too hungry, I am liking the way the scale is going down. I just hope to be able to start using my bike soon, my cuts still give me some grief so I have not used it.