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Monday, November 19, 2012

barely awake

I'm blogging mostly to keep myself from laying down and falling asleep. Had to call my mom at 4:30 am this morning well just over two hours ago to come over because I had to take the bf to the emergency room, he had his tonsils removed last Tuesday and tonight it started bleeding so I had a choice, call my mom or wake up the kid. Couldn't think of waking the kid because well he is a kid and would be super worried and also he has an exam at school today.

Now I am just waiting for him to wake up and for the bf to call for me to pick him up, he sent me home after an hour and a half waiting in the waiting room because I am not allowed in the hospital unless I get tested for staph thingy because I was at a hospital overseas in the last 6 months. We apparently don't have this type of a problem in our hospitals and so patients are put in isolation while getting tested.  I just googled staph infection and the first thing I found was Cellulitis which I got while at the hospital so I think I will go and see if the doc will have me tested, I don't want to be kept from more relatives in case of an emergency just cause I might have it. "If red lines develop, that's a sign the infection is spreading and needs immediate medical attention." yup that was me just over two weeks ago, I was on antibiotics which cleared it up but still want to get tested.

Can't wait to go get the bf so I can crawl back to bed and go back to sleep. I think I was a bit stressed about this whole bleeding thing, because I had such nausea and now it is clearing up, so don't want to get the disgusting stomach bug that is going round the country at the moment. Reading about it on FB is way more than enough for me.

See I managed to blog until my kiddo woke and now I can ask him questions for his test. Yup I am an annoying mother that makes her kid read stuff extra well over before tests and then quiz him about it, but hey he is doing sooooo good at school so I must be doing something right, well that and he apparently has a brain that absorbs facts after just one read.

Sorry bout the rant just needed to keep awake, guess I could delete this but I wont



  1. Hope everything is OK with the bf. How scary!

  2. Hope the BF is feeling better and everything is ok!