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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

scared silly

yup I was totally scared taking my first bit of a mushy type of food. I am making tuna salad with boiled egg in it, and took a tiny amount in a spoon and ate it. I was so afraid it would get stuck, even though I made it rather on the runny side (it is so mushy), but down it went.

I am so happy to be here I would say you had no idea but you do so ;)

Cant wait to eat my potato tonight it will be heaven, I have almost gotten sick of my favorite protein shake and I want to be able to eat that for breakfast so its good to start on something else. And I so missed some texture in my mouth haha


  1. I loved mashed potatoes and refried beans and cheese..yea!!!!

    1. yeah I have been taking a tiny teaspoon and taking tiny bites of chees spread with ham, it is so good. I just have to figure out how thick this stuff can be, and like are tiny chuncks allowed say like lil egg chunks, I put the eggs for the tuna salad in my tiny food processor so it had no chunks at all.

  2. Cottage cheese with marinara. Mmmm...gave me my italian food fix while I was on mushies. :)