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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

crazy hunger pains

How did you deal with these massive hunger pains? If I don't drink continuously I get this crippling pain when I am hungry, not sure how to best describe it. It comes almost every two hours, but I don't always feel like drinking and that kind of gets me nauseous and its a aweful circle to repeat.

Also did any of you experience some oozing from your wounds. I only ask because from what I gather from what I´ve read from the icelandic bandsters have not had that. I am on antibiotic for another problem after surgery.

I want to get my bra on haha how silly is that thought. I just want this swelling to disappear so I can go to work and stuff.

Only 9 more days till I can start eating mushys. Did you guys use a blender to mush normal food or did you just stick to foods that were already mushy?

Ok I´m done with the Q's today, will blog more tomorrow if I dont die from boredom and swollen abdomen.


  1. I pretty much stuck to foods that were already mushy. I ate soups, mashed potatoes, chicken salad, greek yogurt...stuff like that.

  2. No oozing on my end. It doesn't sound like you're getting much protein in. Do you have protein shakes or a powdered protein that you can add to the soups?

    1. I drink about 3 protein drinks per day, each contains about 22 grams protein, should I be eating more protein than that?