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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

going mushy tomorrow

I can no longer live with liquids, so tomorrow night I am going to eat my first mushy food. Yup going to ovenroast a potato and mushy it with butter and sauce. Then I will at some point try out something a fellow bandster told me about, taking chicken breast and mushy it with sauce so yeah I am going to jump the gun like 12 hours early.

In other news, I am feeling a whole lot better, but wearing a bra is still a struggle, so I felt real uncomfortable at work today cause it pushes down on the port site and that is not painful just uncomfortable. I think I am going to call my weekend work and try and change my shift or let this weekend just go, I am not confident that I can make 7 hours at work just yet. I know some of you had no problems of any kind. I think this port site will be the thing that annoys me the most.

My bf had his tonsels removed this morning so we are both going on mushies tomorrow, he is luckier than me because he can eat anything just has to be soft.

So glad this liquid fase is almost over. It was not as hard as I thought but still cant wait to eat my potato tomorrow. I am not joking when I say that the last two nights I have dreamed of me eating some kind of bread. I am a breadaholic. I am going to stay away from bread as much as I can, that will be hard.

I dont have infection in my cuts, I had the shortest doctors appointment yesterday. I went to the on call center and had him look at one of the cuts because it kind of looked like it was opening up, its the one that has been oozing, he looked at it for like half a minute and said I was good hahaha I felt silly but better safe that sorry since no other bandster I knew had any kind of fluid coming from their scars.

Anywhoots, going to bed now, got a long day of school tomorrow and I just hope it wont be to uncomfortable cause no way in hell am I going there with out my bra on hahahaha


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  1. Hi there! I have been reading your blog and I am very much so enjoying your posts! I remember being anxious for mushies (soft foods). My doctor said anything I could mush with a fork including ground meats. My first mushy meal was a 1/2 baked potato with burrito ground beef, fat free sour cream and low fat cheese. I was so good. I can totaly relate. I got my first fill yesterday and start soft foods again tomorrow. I can't wait! I think i will have chili!!

    Keep on truckin!! You are doing fabulously!! :)